Html Wave plugins and themes

To add a plugin to the application, add the DLL file to the plugins folder. to find the plugins folder, open HTML Wave, click File > Open plugins directory. you need to restart the application to see the plugin

Available plugins and themes:

Modern Light theme

A modern light theme with blue buttons for HTML Wave

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Sparkle Purple theme

A sparkle purple theme for HTML Wave

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Pink theme

A pink theme for HTML Wave

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Styled Controls

This plugin allows you to insert directly styled Button or textbox or textarea from a collection of different styled controls, without any coding

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GET/POST requests

This plugin allows you to send GET or POST request to the page you are previewing. Make sure to change web browser to IE for this plugin to work.

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Stay tuned for more plugins soon!

Your creativity is needed! would you like to write a plugin for HTML Wave?

It is easy! steps:

  1. Download the plugin template from Github. Read the on Github for Documentation and to understand the functions that you can use. HTML Wave is written in C# using the Windows Forms framework.
  2. Open the template in visual studio and edit it
  3. Compile it and copy the DLL file of the template (Not the PluginLibrary.dll file) To the plugins directory of the app and run the app to test your plugin. (Hint: to find the plugins directory open the app and go to File > Open plugins directory)
  4. Once satisfied with your plugin, email the plugin's source code (The full source code not the DLL file) on (You can also post it to Github and send in the email the link if that's easier for you) and also write in the email the details of the plugin and what it does, and it will be reviewed. If it meets the standards it will be approved and released with your name on this website