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Download HTML Wave and start building professional websites easily and quickly!

HTML Wave is a lightweight HTML editor app for desktop (Windows) packed with multiple different tools for professional website building

Or use HTML Wave Online for editing code and accessing it later!

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Desktop software features

Powerful editor

The code editor is packed with necessary features like autocomplete, find/replace, and showing syntax errors and warnings.


HTML wave comes packed with some professional-looking website templates that you can choose from.

Live preview

Live preview your website from inside the app as you type. HTML Wave also contains a WYSIWYG editor.

Uploading to FTP

HTML Wave lets you upload files to FTP server directly from the app.

Light/dark theme

HTML wave has both light and dark themes and you can switch the theme anytime from the preferences window.

Bootstrap support

HTML Wave supports bootstrap and is packed with tools for generating bootstrap code.

Online editor features

Access from any device

The code editor is packed with many necessary features for web development. You can save our files and access them later from any device.

AI-generated templates

When creating a project, you can start with an AI-generated templates based on text prompt, and then edit it to suit your needs.


You can collaborate with other users on projects, and there is also chat feature.

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